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12 Singles Share What Dating Is Like In Their City

Tinder is the most popular, followed by dating site Mötesplatsen. 245 million matches have been made in London on Tinder, with 44% of people living here all alone. London is the No.1 best city in the world when it comes to dating apps, according to Tinder. A plethora of events and culture makes it an exciting city to date in. Belgium LOVES dating apps, with singletons here accounting for some of the most dating app downloads in Europe.

Pittsburgh came out super strong in the Dating Pool Category, which carries the most weight in the study. With almost 70% of the women unmarried, Pittsburgh ranked 11th for that stat alone. The city was slightly below average when it came to the cost of dating, but made up for it with the options available for daters. If you want to grab a drink with that new special someone, the city has 5,385 drinking establishments ready to serve you the cocktail of your choice. Minneapolis, Minnesota stole the trophy for the best city for singles in the United States.

The top three cities for dating in the U.S. are New Orleans, Milwaukee, and Los Angeles, based on their variety of date night options, percentage of singles, and affordability. New York City is in the lowest one-third of the U.S. for violent crime, with even lower rates of property crime. For those seeking a vibrant melting pot with endless things to do, look no further than the Big Apple.

A ton of people are on the app, too , and it’s mostly 25- to 34-year-olds, so it’s a great site for young professionals to find people in their age bracket. On the app, you basically create a profile for yourself, pick some preferences when it comes to partners, and then assign a group who can swipe for you. When someone swipes on a match, the profile enters the group chat — but nothing goes anywhere until you swipe yes on them yourself.

While salaries may compensate for some more expensive areas, it’s our belief that the best cities for singles have affordable dating options. HOT-lanta didn’t just get its nickname for the balmy weather and hot temperatures. While those surely contributed, the real reason was for the blazing singles scene in the city. If you want to take that new prospect for a walk outside (when it’s not too hot), the city has just under 5,000 acres of park space within the city limits. And if you need to catch a ride because you’re planning on tossing back a few cervezas, the average for a 10-mile Lyft ride in the city is $12.89 .

What if we told you the challenges of dating were in part due to where you live? Proximity is one of the major factors in finding the perfect SO for you. If you’re ready to finally find “the one,” there are some cities where your odds may be better.

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